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Participant Education

The 3rd component of your customized 401(k) solution

Like the branches of a great oak, knowledge allows us to reach new heights.

With participant education, we provide employees the information they need to make informed decisions about their organization’s retirement planーfrom enrollment through retirement.

Access to comprehensive, easy-to-use plan resources一and experts一helps drive participant understanding, stability, and plan growth. This, in turn, can contribute to employees’ financial health, sense of wellness, increased productivity, and help drive retention and recruitment.

We like to think of it as a virtuous circle that can benefit participants, company leadership, and the business as a whole.

Oakbourne Advisors supports your plan participants in the following ways:

Trust: Improved financial health, confidence, motivation, engagement.

Growth: Deferrals, savings, employer match.





Participant Education

Engagement: Equitable access to professional advisors for all employees.

Learning: Individualized attention, financial literacy, investment concepts, budgeting, retirement readiness.


From day one we make ourselves available to all plan participantsーfrom minimum wage to highly compensated employeesーon a periodic one-to-one basis to address all questions and concerns related to the Retirement Plan. Each session is driven by the individual and their unique requirements.


We also help create an Education Policy Statement (EPS) available to all plan participants to address plan objectives, areas of investment education to be provided, frequency of meetings, and other relevant information.


We encourage participant learning whether it's how to log on or how to determine Required Minimum Distributions (RMD). We use easy-to-comprehend descriptions to help ensure participants understand plan components, requirements, and benefits, and comply with 408(b)2 and 404(a)5 plan menu disclosures and updates.


Over time we help participants grow more comfortable with the plan and the potential benefits. Not only are they provided an opportunity to build savings on a tax-deferred basis, but also to see their employer making a long-term investment in their financial health.


When your employees have a stronger financial footing, grounded in a well-designed retirement plan, they feel valued by their employer. That sense of wellbeing can fuel happier, more productive employees, which can drive improved recruitment and retention. 

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Oakbourne Advisors also provides private wealth advisory services strictly by referral or invitation.