Oakbourne Advisors is an independent investment advisory firm providing custom investment strategies designed to grow and protect the wealth of our clients.

Retirement Income

A large majority of our clients are approaching and entering retirement. Through the years, we have become experienced in dealing with the unique financial transition that all retirees must face.

Investment Advisory

The portfolio managers of Oakbourne Advisors have spent their entire careers educating and advising clients on practical investment decisions.

Employer Sponsored
Retirement Plans

Our team establishes, and maintains, employer-sponsored 401(k) plans for Professional Service companies. We focus on employee education and service, while assisting plan sponsors with fiduciary responsibilities.

Private Wealth Management and Financial Strategy.

We manage wealth and development strategies for private individuals and families. We also have a Retirement Services division that advises Corporate Retirement Plans.


Rebalancing Systematic

Rebalancing a portfolio is a simple and proven method to avoid drifting into an unintended investment style. Our client’s portfolios are constantly monitored and rebalanced according to the strategy they select.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

In certain instances it can be beneficial to realize losses in an account.  This is especially true when realizing losses may help to offset capital gains.  Tax-Loss harvesting is frequently a consideration for our clients.

Performance Reporting

It is important to understand how an investment portfolio is performing in both absolute and relative terms. Oakbourne Advisors uses a sophisticated reporting program to ensure that our clients always know where they stand.

Portal Client Private

Clients of our firm can request access to the Private Client Portal. The Portal is an online environment that allows account owners to monitor their performance, see changes as they occur, and communicate with our advisors. The Portal also serves as a secure storage and messaging center for sensitive information.

Planning Financial Strategic

The decisions made in one investment account can easily have a ripple effect throughout an entire household. When it is time to create a holistic strategy, our clients turn to us for our ability to model a wide range of circumstances, and assist in some of life’s biggest decisions.

Investor Personality Profile

Our investment philosophy is driven by the belief that our clients are more likely to remain committed to an investment strategy that is in harmony with their own attitudes towards risk and reward. We create detailed investor profilesfor each client, and each objective, to help guide our investment strategies.

About Oakbourne Advisors

Our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients — not to a parent company. This independence allows us to establish working relationships with industry specific custodians, accountants, attorneys, and insurance providers whose services we leverage to create uniquely personal strategies.

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Our Tools

Our clients have access to a suite of financial technology.

  • Performance Reporting and Secure Document Vault.

    Securely share and store documents and view all of your account and performance information in one unified application.

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment

    We take a modern approach to assessing our client's tolerance for risk.

  • Financial Strategy Development

    Our innovative financial planning solution helps our clients develop and implement complex financial strategies.