Corporate Retirement Plans: 401(k) 403(b) SIMPLE IRA and more

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With Oakbourne Advisors, workplace retirement plans become easy to implement.

Our team works as an extension of a company's benefits department to alleviate many of the operational and regulatory headaches commonly associated with workplace retirement plans. Each client engagement includes three elements:

Plan Design & Implementation

Investment Option Selection

Employee Engagement

Do you have an existing 401(k) plan, and want to know if there is room for improvement?

Our Retirement Plan Services Team

Christopher Griest, AIF®

Partner | Corporate Retirement Plan Services

Matthew Ryba, CIMA®, AIF®️

Vice President | Corporate Retirement Plan Services

Ross G. Danzig

Vice President | Private Wealth Advisor

The three elements of a well built 401(k) plan

Plan Design

Workplace retirement plan design is driven by key variables such as business objectives, benefits philosophy, compensation strategy, competitor offerings, and employee demographics.

When a plan is properly built with your specific needs in mind, the end result is a benefit that can add goodwill to your business.

A thorough review of these and other considerations guides our approach to customizing a plan that best meets your needs, minimizes administrative complexity, supports employee engagement, and, where appropriate, integrates efficiently with your existing plan service and payroll providers.

Other components of the process include analysis and recommendations on:

Plan Type

Participate Eligibility

Compensation Limitations

Employer Contributions

Employee Contributions




Investment Options

We’re retirement plan consultants一but we’re also independent fiduciaries. We strictly adhere to our fiduciary responsibilities and obligations to approach investment menu creation with your best interests in mind.

With Oakbourne, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge of the investment landscape. We select prudent investment options that balance your participant needs, fund quality, and competitive pricing. Our service includes:

Serving as an ERISA 3(38) or 3(21) fiduciary

Comprehensive and ongoing fund and platform due diligence

RPAG and FI360 screening

Regular monitoring of share classes, expense ratios, and other fund features to ensure you’re getting optimal value

Employee Contributions

Payroll integration support where applicable

Participant Education

Improving employee engagement is grounded in responsive, relevant participant education.

We take a unique and proactive approach in offering all plan participants access to our team to address their unique questions and concerns.

As fiduciaries we can provide the expertise and advice一whether your employees are on a minimum wage or highly compensated一to better support their financial goals and understanding. This can lead to improved financial stability and sense of wellbeing within your company, and a more engaged and productive workforce. Our specific services include:

Plan menu disclosure and updates

Supporting financial literacy一including general financial and investment concepts, decision-making, and allocation frameworks

Optional, periodic one-on-one meeting time with all plan participants

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Oakbourne Advisors also provides private wealth advisory services strictly by referral or invitation.