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    Retirement Readiness: How will you prepare?

    Much has been made of the current state of the American worker as it pertains to their retirement savings. According to a recent study by the General Accountability Office, 29% of Americans 55 and older do not have any retirement savings or...

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    How to Design a Differentiating Benefits Package

    Over the past couple of years, the so-called “Great Resignation” has led to an unprecedented number of career changes. At the same time, the boom in remote and gig work means that skilled employees have more choices than ever. For that reas...

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    Participant Corner: Carving A Holiday Budget

    The holidays are a time for giving, but often people can be a little overgenerous during this time of year and later find themselves in financial trouble. According to a survey by Country Financial 32 percent are feeling the greatest stress...

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    Thanks for the Memories: Gratitude and Financial Wellness

    So much about financial wellness has to do with cultivating a mindset that favors delayed versus immediate gratification. In the language of behavioral economics, the tendency to prefer short-term rewards is called hyperbolic discounting. T...

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    Financial Hypochondria: When Investment Vigilance Becomes a Problem

    Plan sponsors invest much time and effort in improving employee financial literacy. They offer educational content, provide opportunities for group and individual consultation, and encourage participants to approach retirement planning proa...

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    Regret Aversion: Fighting the FOMO of the Financial World

    Regret aversion is a construct in behavioral finance theory that suggests investing decisions are, at least in part, driven by fear of later regretting a “wrong” choice. And this isn’t just some psychological mumbo jumbo. Functional MRI neu...

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